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Citrus Burst Lemon Peels

At Gupta Corporation, we vouch for our premium selection of sugar-coated lemon peels, a culinary delight crafted to perfection. As reputable manufacturers, dealers, traders, distributors, and suppliers of wholesale lemon peels, we're dedicated to delivering top-tier products globally. Our lemon peels, sourced from the finest lemon fruits, undergo meticulous processing to preserve their natural tangy zest and essential oils. Coated in a perfect blend of sugar, our lemon peels offer a burst of citrusy flavor in every bite, elevating culinary creations with their vibrant taste profile.

Beyond their exquisite taste, lemon peels are renowned for their numerous health benefits, including being rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and dietary fiber, aiding digestion, promoting skin health, and boosting immunity. With a shelf life of 9 months and a moist to wet consistency, our lemon peels maintain their freshness and texture, packaged conveniently in 15kg packs. Whether used in baking, confectionery, mixology, or as a flavorful garnish, our premium sugar-coated lemon peels are a versatile ingredient for chefs, bakers, and mixologists alike. Ranked among the best wholesale suppliers globally, our commitment to quality and excellence ensures unmatched satisfaction.

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